Bauhaus Masters - Exploring the Revolutionary Art, Design and Architecture Movement

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Walter Gropius


To mark the 100th anniversary, we are celebrating Bauhaus with one of two limited editions of the CENTUM DELUXE.
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Walter Gropius


The simple and timeless design of the CLASSIC DATE suits any occasion. A minimalist dial provides good orientation and lets you read the time pleasantly.
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Kettler Publisher

Moholy-Nagy and the New Typography

This comprehensive publication combines for the first time Moholy-Nagy's recently rediscovered exhibition panels in the Berlin Art Library.
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Taschen Publisher

Marcel Breuer

In this essential introductory monograph, we survey Breuer’s complete career through some of his most influential projects and ideas.
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Bauhaus Movement

Colorful is my favourite Colour

Walter Gropius is said to have answered the question about his favourite colour, "Colourful is my favourite Colour".
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