A century in the light of Bauhaus

Wilhelm Wagenfeld's lamp is characterised by its simple elegance and geometric precision. It is a manifestation of the Bauhaus principle that good design endures over time. It emphasises functionality and aesthetic reduction.

From Bauhaus to modernity

An ode to timelessness

The Bauhaus lamp, created a century ago by the product designer and pioneer of industrial design, Wilhelm Wagenfeld, is shining in new splendour on the occasion of a remarkable anniversary. TECNOLUMEN honours this epochal masterpiece with a special edition that pays homage not only to the timeless beauty of the lamp itself, but also to its creator, Wilhelm Wagenfeld, whose original signature adorns each lamp in this anniversary edition. An accompanying book, written and published exclusively for the occasion by Julia Bulk, the renowned director of the Wilhelm Wagenfeld Foundation, entitled 'Harmonious, Timeless, Round: The Modern Sphere', explores the design principles of this design icon and the philosophical roots that shaped it.
1900 – 1990

Wilhelm Wagenfeld

Wilhelm Wagenfeld became the most versatile designer of serial products in the consumer products industry after 1945. He intensively studied the changing living conditions of his fellow human beings and came up with solutions of great durability, high utility value and restrained aesthetics that convinced buyers for decades.