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Bauhaus Movement offers the possibility to choose from a variety of different payment options.

We currently offer the following payment methods:


PayPal is one of the most popular and secure payment methods for purchases on the Internet. All you need to do is open a PayPal account under PayPal. By using such an account, you will never have to type in your account number or credit card number again for online purchases. The data is securely stored in your Paypal account. The buyer protection offer is particularly valuable. Find out more details under PayPal.

To be able to pay at Bauhaus-Movement.com via your PayPal account, simply select "PayPal" as payment method during the ordering process.

With your Bauhaus Movement orders, which you pay via PayPal, there are no additional charges for you.

To be able to pay at Bauhaus-Movement.com via your PayPal account, simply select "PayPal" as payment method during the ordering process.

Then log in to your personal PayPal account with your email address and PayPal password and confirm the payment amount.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you return to the Bauhaus Movement Shop after making your payment on the PayPal page. Only then will we receive your order. As soon as we have received your order, you will receive an automatically generated order confirmation by email from us. After payment we will receive a confirmation from PayPal and can process your order immediately.


Payment by direct debit is one of the most popular payment methods used by customers in online shops. For a good reason: direct debit payments are very convenient for customers (you only have to provide your bank details when purchasing), they offer customers a high level of security, as direct debits can be revoked for up to eight weeks without giving reasons and - last but not least - orders can be processed and shipped immediately by direct debit so that the customer receives the goods ordered as quickly as possible.

From a merchant's point of view, however, this method of payment offers a number of risks (which we had to experience painfully in the past when we offered this method of payment directly to our customers): On the one hand, as already mentioned, direct debit payments can be cancelled by the customer at his bank for up to eight weeks without any problems and without stating reasons. On the other hand, customers whose account is not covered or who have already registered a private bankruptcy can also specify their account details for a direct debit. In this case, the system first tries to debit the customer's account with the invoice amount, before the customer's bank reports after a few working days that direct debit from this account is not possible. In this case, however, the goods are already with the customer for both cancelled and uncovered direct debit claims, and additional costs of around EUR 10 are incurred by the banks involved for a failed direct debit attempt. The resulting costs must then generally be included in all prices, so that in the end the honest customers must pay a higher price. In addition, banks are of course aware of the risks involved in direct debiting, so that direct debit payments are in principle only credited in full by the banks after the objection period has expired (in practice, so-called direct debit obligations are used for this purpose). 

For these reasons, we have refrained from offering our customers direct debit purchases since 2014, despite the advantages mentioned above.

Since mid-2015, PayPal has also been offering direct debit as a payment method as part of the new PayPal Plus payment system. The company PayPal manages the complete payment including the risks and the risk assessment (FRAUD management), but offers us as a merchant a payment guarantee and credits our account immediately with the invoice amount.


The credit card has long been one of the most popular means of payment in America. In Europe, and especially in Germany, the credit card has been gaining in importance in recent years, especially for online purchases. As part of PayPal Plus, PayPal now also offers the credit card as a payment method. Here - analogous to the direct debit procedure - the complete payment takes place via PayPal. The invoice amount is credited to us as a merchant in an uncomplicated and timely manner, so that immediate processing and dispatch are also possible here. The transaction costs usual for payments by credit card can be kept low by processing via PayPal.