Limited Edition

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Limited Edition is a global leader in inventive, tasteful flooring for residential and commercial spaces. 

Our collection of 300 unique rugs across 65 different collections have reached every corner of the globe, from private chateaus in the south of France to towering hotels in the heart of India.

Like our vast collection of products, Limited Edition started from the ground up. It was in 1991, in Mouscron, Belgium, that our founder, Katia Dewitte, saw a unique opportunity in the interior design market for a product no one offered but everyone needed — high quality flooring. It started with an idea, establish a dialogue between artisan and machine to produce impeccable products on a global scale. With only her wit, her passion, and her keen eye for design, Katia began her journey with the launch of Limited Edition.

Her expertise and business acumen attracted clients throughout Belgium. With more demand came a need for expansion, and soon her husband, Phillipe Hanet, and brother, James Dewitte, joined Katia in her journey to the top of the flooring industry.

Over the next three decades, Limited Edition grew, using innovative new methods and the acquisition of companies that uphold traditional weaving techniques to create the best commercial and residential flooring on the market. All the while, Limited Edition never sacrificed the commitment to beauty and elegance that Katia believed should grace every room she helped to furnish.

Our origin story is humble, but important to the growth and mission of our brand. We pride ourselves in putting craftsmanship and innovation first. Our products reflect our belief that superior quality should not be a luxury but should be the standard for every piece that leaves our hands and rests on your floors.